Answer Keys TN & Pondy Region TET Exam 2012

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On 14 Oct 2012 TNTET conducted tet exams under instructions from the department of Tamil Nadu teachers recruitment board all across the state of Tamil Nadu and union territory pondicherry. The supplementary test of TNTE assists candidates who failed in the main exam.

For the year 2012 both TN Region & Pondy Region candidates take TET 2012 EXAM supplementary

TNTET admits only 20043 students to apply for the written exam in TN
And in puducherry it is 346 admitted applicants
The exam date scheduled on 14.10.2012 from 10:00 A.M to 01:00 P.M and 2:00 P.M both paper 1 & 2 respectively

Altogether six lakhs and sixty thousand appeared for this TET exam on October 2012.


-45 1 A Primary reinforcer
C Heuristic method 2 B approval
A has love and affection 3 C Achievement motivation
D Semantic conditioning 4 D Intelligence tests
D Teacher realises the need of the students 5 B well balanced ego
C be identical to US 6 A Trial and Error learning
D Pre-conventional stage 7 A Trial and Error learning
B Intelligence Quotient 8 B Instrumental conditioning
A Mind map 9 B Content, operation and product
B Zone of Proximal Development 10 C Bodily Kinesthetic intelligence
C Atkinson 11 A free release of emotional energy
B trial and error learning 12 D Psycho-social development theory
A R-type conditioning 13 A Maturation
D partial 14 C Both the statements (I) and (II) are correct
C Abstract 15 D Participatory attention
(Self concept) 16 A Minnesota Multiphasic Personality inventory
D 10 17 B cumulative record
B Recall 18 B Compensation
C Creativity 19 A Analyse the causes of the problem
A immediately accept others sayings 20 D Carl Rogers
A One-factor theory 21 C Experimental method
D rigidity 22 B teacher and learners
D Moral 23 D Social psychology
B Kohlberg 24 (Principle of interrelation / Principle of proximo-distal)
A Emotional maturity 25 D Formal-operational stage
A adrenaline 26 B Concept mapping
C Animism 27 A All are correct
D Doesn’t create awareness 28 B Daniel Goleman
A Prejudice 29 D use individualized learning strategies
B basic family 30 A Curve showing the deviations of learning process

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